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Director, Strategic Partnerships

Tom Penney

Tom Penney, our Director of Strategic Partnerships at Innovated Studios, is a figure of entrepreneurial success and strategic insight. With over two decades of experience as the founder and owner of a highly successful residential real estate appraisal company, Tom brings a wealth of knowledge and a proven track record of building and nurturing relationships to his new role.

At Innovated Studios, Tom is set to leverage his extensive network and deep understanding of client needs to drive innovative partnerships. His role is crucial in propelling the company towards unparalleled growth and success on a global scale. Tom’s approach to strategic partnerships is rooted in his belief in the power of collaboration and innovation, aiming to create synergies that benefit not only Innovated Studios but also its partners and clients.

Beyond his professional achievements, Tom is a devoted family man who finds joy in supporting his children’s sports activities and honing his skills on the golf course. His commitment to community is evident through his active service on the board of The Gina McReynolds Foundation, which assists Central Florida families currently battling breast cancer. This dual commitment to his professional and personal life showcases Tom’s belief in the importance of balance and giving back to the community.

Tom Penney’s journey to Innovated Studios is more than a career move; it’s a testament to his dedication to excellence, innovation, and community. As he embarks on this new chapter, Tom’s strategic vision and leadership are set to make a lasting impact on the company and the broader industry.

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