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About Us

Nestled in the vibrant pulse of Commerce Park, Orlando, Innovated Studios is a dynamic hub of creative excellence. Within our spacious compound, spanning 4,200 sq. ft. of offices and a massive 17,000 sq. ft. warehouse, we cater to a plethora of project needs, ensuring your vision has room to grow and evolve.

At Innovated Studios, each project is a symphony. Multiple services weave together harmoniously under the baton of our core team! Collaborating to orchestrate the grand symphony that is your unique vision.

Our heartbeat is technology, and it reverberates through every service we provide. With particular expertise in Themed Entertainment, our versatile team adeptly navigates the realms of Project Management, Research & Design, and Custom Fabrication. We journey alongside our clients, from the genesis of Technology Development and Design to the triumphant finale of Fabrication and Commissioning of Advanced Technologies and Themed Experiences.

Our footprint is global and imprinted in some of the world’s most cutting-edge theme parks and professional sports venues. A tireless pursuit of quality and show excellence fuels our passion, mirroring our unwavering commitment to create stellar guest experiences that set the stage for awe and admiration.

Believing that every client is a cherished part of our Innovated Studios family, we foster a culture of inclusivity, transparency, and respect. We communicate with clarity and sincerity, always championing your best interests. Trust us to transpose your dreams onto the canvas of reality, creating an immersive spectacle that captures the heart and captivates the senses.

At Innovated Studios, we don’t just build projects – we build lasting impressions. Your vision is our masterpiece, and we can’t wait to create it with you.

What we do

Welcome to Innovated Studios services, where innovation meets expertise.

Software and Interactive Gaming Development

Innovated Studios excels in crafting state-of-the-art software and interactive game development solutions, merging creativity with technology to elevate user experiences.

Security, Surveillance, and Facial Recognition

Security, Surveillance, and Facial Recognition solutions, ensuring unparalleled safety and identification accuracy for diverse applications

Custom Fabrication

Innovated Studios utilizes our plethora of experiences, vast knowledge, and dedication to perfection to create incredible destinations and experiences using your vision or our designs. As an award-winning, premier custom fabrication & design house, we “Build the bridge that connects our clients to their customers.”

Project Management and Consulting

As technology integrators, we have the ability and know-how to oversee all aspects of your project, large or small, to ensure your projects meet all of your expectations.

Theming and Scenic

Applying the latest products and techniques, with our trusted Scenic Artists and in-house licensed General Contractor, we can help you attain that theme park-level of theming, down to the last brick.

Research and Development

Our expertise and genuine drive to find the ‘next best thing’ allows our customers to stay ahead of the curve with a partner that is as innovating as the "next big thing".