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The blueprints of your vision start to take shape in this phase. The nebulous ideas from the Blue Sky sessions are sculpted into tangible designs. We crystallize the scope, weave technical narratives, generate WAGs, ROMs, and even produce realistic estimations, tailored to the project size.

We delve deeper into the blueprint in the Development stage, refining your vision down to the finest detail. The first prototype is created and meticulously reviewed by stakeholders, ensuring that your concept has been faithfully captured in every detail before moving on to production.

With a meticulously vetted and approved design, it’s time to breathe life into your vision! We rigorously test and verify throughout the fabrication process, maintaining a vigilant focus on quality. Our expertise extends to on-site execution, ensuring the installation of your project meets the high standards set during planning.

We believe that every ending is a new beginning. As a project concludes, we provide comprehensive training and support to your teams, ensuring a smooth transition. We also conduct a thorough postmortem, compiling all the valuable lessons learnt during the project. This treasure trove of knowledge serves as a vital resource for your future endeavors.

At Innovated Studios, we don’t just make projects—we make experiences. Join us as we weave your dreams into the fabric of reality, transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary with each unique creation.

How We Do It

At Innovated Studios, we don’t just provide services—we shape experiences. We are a rich tapestry of electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, inventive creators, tenacious project managers, proficient technicians, and seasoned industry leaders. Each member of our team shares a singular focus—you! We’re united by a commitment to transform your vision into a vivid reality that surpasses expectations.

Our process is a meticulous journey of imagination and precision, rooted in a profound understanding of your aspirations.

The journey begins with your dream, your “Blue Sky” concept. This is where we transform vague outlines into vivid portraits. By distinguishing between the “must-haves” and the “nice-to-haves”, we craft a definitive plan that aligns with your vision. We consider potential risks and feasibility to ensure your journey is free from unexpected turbulence.