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Ultra Slim USB-C Wall Charger Adapter with Lightning – GaN Technology


Weight .3 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 1.25 in
SKU: PD36S Category: Tag: Product ID: 1326


QUICK POWER DELIVERY: This is an ultra-fast USB-C GaN Charger, perfect for charging anything from your MacBook Air to your iPad Mini. Simply plug the cable into any of your electronics, and our charger will fully energize them in no time at all, saving you time in your daily life.

LONG USB-C CABLE: This GaN fast charger features a 3.3ft. USB-C cable with an Apple Lightning adapter. USB-C cables transmit data faster, which contributes to the increase speed of charging, while the length of the cable makes it a convenient choice whether at home or work.

CURRENT PROTECTION: We make this GaN charger with overcurrent protection, meaning that in case of damage, the flow of the current will be stopped instantly. This means that you can feel confident that the charger won’t cause a fire or shock you, even if it gets damaged.

LIGHTWEIGHT & ULTRA-SLIM: We developed this charger with a 36W compact design that’s lightweight and ultra-slim, making it a practical choice for homes, workplaces, and anywhere else. A lot of high-power charging capacity is packed into a small, sleek package with this charger.

GAN TECHNOLOGY: Our charger uses smart GaN technology. This means it can quickly charge your electronics without using too much power. We also ensure that our GaN fast charger does not overheat, like many of our competitors in the marketplace!

Product Description:

Fast Charging

This is a GaN fast charger, designed for juicing up your electronics in a flash! Whether you’re charging up your smartphone or laptop, this wall plug charger will transfer 36 watts of electricity faster than your average charger. This is perfect for day-to-day life and on the go charging.


3.3ft. USB-C Cable

Included is a 3.3ft. USB-C cable, which is a handy length for using your phone while it charges. The cable allows for a faster transfer of information, which contributes to speedier charging, while also featuring a lightning adapter, ready for your Apple products.



Compact and ultra-slim! Designed to be so slim which also makes it more stylish, so it can fit seamlessly into your home’s interior aesthetic.



Along with being compact we have created this charger to be super lightweight. This makes it easier to carry around with you wherever you go!


Smart GaN Charger

Our charger employs smart GaN technology, which further supports the fast-charging functionality. Unlike other GaN chargers, ours doesn’t overheat and uses less power from the mains, making it a more reliable choice for charging your valuables.


Use this charger for your:

  • iPhone (X through ProMax)
  • iPad (standard or Mini)
  • MacBook Air
  • Samsung Galaxy
  • And more!